Are you ready for a cook-off?

Creating a meal from scratch is both challenging and delicious. Mystery box cooking competitions are real and can be very challenging, even for the best professional chefs. A mystery box cooking adventure is still a great way to develop cooking skills, foster creativity in a fun way and have lots of fun together, just like on TV.

In a mystery box competition, cooks are given a box of ingredients and a short period of time to create a meal or a dish using everything in the box. There’s usually at least one ingredient that’s unusual or really doesn’t fit well with the other things in the box and is included to provide an extra challenge for the competitors. In this activity, guests receive an assortment of foods, which they will use to create their own mouthwatering dish for you to taste and judge.

You can use things you already have on hand in your refrigerator and pantry. It’s also fun to include items from your own garden (if you have one), as it brings a different element into the activity. You can include a challenge ingredient to make the game more difficult. It’s fun to see how many different things can be made out of a few simple ingredients and discover how creative and you are! Enjoy having your own mystery box cooking challenge.

Pricing: To be determined according to menu and number of participants.